Which one would you chose from Mobile Website & Responsive website

Smartphone are our soul mates these days, we cannot think our life without it. Mobile ecommerce has a strong hold on business. Online retailers are baffled to which one to choose, should it be a mobile website or responsive one? Tuff question though!

A mobile website is specifically built for the mobile phone; it is a separate version for your website while a responsive website is built for desktop, Smartphone, and tablet. More and more business owners want to develop both the websites as they don’t want to take a risk of losing a customer. There is no doubt that the usage of Smart Phone is going to increase, with latest devices and new technology everyone wants to check out the phones.


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We will be discussing the difference between mobile website and responsive design website:-

  • Mobile website can be viewed on all types of mobile phones and as the usage of mobile phone has increased tremendously, online retailers are keen in building mobile websites for the business. On the other hand responsive design website can get into any size of the device whether the user is using the desk top or mobile phone.
  • Building a mobile website is relatively expensive than the responsive website, but developers who have the skill to build a relative website are less so it would come down to the same thing.
  • With mobile website, a different domain is needed whereas in responsive website the domain remains the same.
  • Timely up gradation is required in mobile website to be on the same length of the new phones launched whereas in responsive website design the same version works, no need to upgrade the version.

By concluding the topic, we trust the fact that both the websites be it a mobile or responsive one is required for your business, if it is feasible looking at your development and in your budget, we definitely suggest to build both the websites, we have recently seen that few companies like a cosmetic brand, fashion designers have tried to build a responsive website wherein users can check out from desktop while a separate mobile website is also built which looks totally different from the normal responsive website, which gives the users a lovely experience to shop for their favorite product and you would also not lose a loyal customer for your business.

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