Mobile Optimized Website- Must For Every Business

Mobile industry is not showing any signs of slowing down; it has predicted that one billion smart phones will be sold out breaking all the records of the computers and the tablets. At the end of 2017, it is projected that over 268 billion downloads will generate $77 billion worth revenue. Smart phones are at his flourishing stage. We have some tremendous numbers of apps downloaded by the users during last year.

  • 68% users have downloaded the apps using their phones
  • 57% users downloaded the apps on the daily basis
  • 51% downloaded few apps on weekly basis
  • 31% used more than 6 apps in a week
  • 24% uses the apps more than 30 minutes once in a day

Mobile Développement

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Customers are using paid versions of the apps than the free version. The current revenue generated from downloads of the apps is $11.4 billion which will exceed to $ 24.5 billion by 2016. By 2015, most of the brands will integrate payment options in their mobile phones while 48% of revenue will be generated by purchasing apps in year 2017. Android will be in demand through 2018 because of its affordability and versatile devices. Apple iPhones and Samsung users are not going to leave this competition as they have their own loyal customer who adores these brands.

Merchants are not going to shy away from making the website mobile optimized. We have seen companies are opting for mobile apps as they want to be in the competition, they are aware about the increase in demand of the smart phone usage and they will not kill their revenue by not having a mobile friendly website. Customers are on their phones 24/7, everyone uses the phones to watch the news, to shop and use their smart phones for having a meeting with client. Smartphones has taken over everything.

Business industry is the mobile industry, you cannot do a business if you do not have mobile optimized website, and your website would be dead as there will no visitors to your website. As more and more customers are using the Smartphones, it is going to be mobile friendly world. Mobile users are going to enjoy has they would love to use the advanced technology on the phones as there will be new mobile devices out in the competition and merchants are going to built apps to showcase their products. Ecommerce has encouraged the technology world where they are more advanced features are going to be built in Smartphones by understanding the customers behavior and requirement.

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