Mobile App Testing: First Goal Before You Go Live With Your App

Mobile App testing Methodologies and Goals

Whenever a mobile app testing project starts it is started without the goal of what should be the outcome of this whole project? This can turn the tables and make it a waste of time for the testers and inadequate testing of the mobile app may result in waste of time, money and resources of the mobile app expert.

Mobile App Expert

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There are several goals when it comes to the field of mobile app testing and it all can be derived from the person or a company who is requesting it. There are companies and people who are paying their hard earned money for Mobile App Développement and mobile app testing.

A mobile app tester should take on board all the requirements or instructions on testing and then analyze with his/her team to determine if the proposed testing is enough to satisfy the needs of the client.  At the time of analysis phase the tester should ask questions in order to understand client’s goal, and if he feels that proposed testing is not enough to fulfil the desired goals then it should immediately bring to clients attention and alternative methods to achieve the intended goal should be offered.

For example, if a company had developed their mobile app and they ask you to test it for them. All the explicit instructions regarding it are being given to you and just requires testing. Now in order to test that app effectively as a mobile app expert you should follow some standard instructions in the form of questions that you need to ask them.

What are the devices they want this app to be tested on?

What areas do they consider as high risk functionality?

How much of that app’s functionality has already been tested?

Is the app a brand new one or is it updated or just an existing one?

Answers to these questions will help you to quickly determine the goal. Let’s say for example they say the phone needs to be tested on iPhone 4 then then the most obvious question to this would be why?  Whether or not this app has already been tested on other IOS devices by Mobile App Development Company? This will help you determine if the app has any updates related issue or it’s just another compatibility test.

If the app is already widely tested on all the other areas of functionality, then the goal, maybe just a sanity test before the actual launch.

If it happens the developer says that he is not confident about a specific function of the application then it should be your major area of concern and it is where your major focus on your testing. It is also possible that lack of confidence in the developer should also trigger your mind and that the significant testing is required throughout the app and not only on the areas of concern.

These are some of the generic or the most required questions. You should always have your list prepared and ready for your client. As a Android Mobile App Développement or a mobile app expert company, you should make sure your client is fully satisfied with your work.


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