Top 7 HTML5 Frameworks for Mobile App Development

With the significant increase in consumer preference for mobile apps, the utilization of HTML5 frameworks have gained momentum. These frameworks enable mobile app development specialists to create dynamic mobile apps without the need to start it from the scratch but with pre-written codes and layouts. Moreover, they can take the advantage of libraries, scripts and other essential elements required for mobile app development.


Let us take a look at some of the popular open source HTML5 frameworks:

Twitter Bootstrap 3

This is one of the most popular HTML5 frameworks which enable mobile app development experts to create exceptional applications. Its source code comprises of Sass and LESS CSS preprocessors which makes front-end development easier for developers. You can efficiently develop your dream app with this advanced HTML, JavaScript and CSS compliant framework.


It is one of the finest and feature rich frameworks which a Mobile App Development Consultancy uses for developing web as well as hybrid mobile apps with a native look and feel. This framework is mostly considered for developing iOS hybrid apps.

Appcelerator Titanium

This framework uses JavaScript, CSS3, Ruby, Python and HTML5 to build mobile apps based on Android or iOS platforms. It facilitates the compilation of apps as native apps; however, the apps are displayed differently across different mobile devices.

jQuery Mobile

It is an HTML5 based jQuery framework that provides exceptional user interface (UI) resulting in very user-friendly apps. Furthermore, it helps to incorporate predesigned layouts as well as widgets and build cross-platform apps that are compatible across various devices.


The apps developed with this framework feel intuitive like native apps and provides great aesthetic pleasure to the app users. It provides extraordinary UI components by utilizing Ratchet CSS. It is indispensable for prototyping iPhone apps with unique JavaScript components.

Ionic Framework

This framework contains a library that offers mobile optimized JS components, CSS, HTML which app development experts at Mobile App Development Company utilizes to create interactive apps as well as hybrid mobile apps.

Sencha Touch

You can download this powerful HTML5 framework from Sencha for free. It is a very powerful MVC-based JavaScript framework used for developing cross-platform mobile web applications. It allows you to create native-looking web and hybrid applications with out-of-the-box themes to match look and feel for every major platform.

To leverage these frameworks for building mobile apps with high-performance UI components, get in touch with Mobile App Development Service Provider and realize your dream of building your own mobile app.

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